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Why You giving to others makes You feel fulfilled, happier, and amazingly inspired

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

What a surprising turn of events this year has provided to us all. 2020 is officially the year we will never forget, providing us with the new normal, now an accepted standard and a way of life. What shall we focus on? What are our priorities and values?

During lockdown we had the time to think, or were forced to face facts, adapt, change and now work within this whole new environment. That is true for some, as there were many of us already working from home on getting clients, learning new methods and devising business strategies to improve and grow.

Almost everyone though, has missed human contact, the simplicity of hugs and has other needs, which are still not being met.

I find that when we are very busy, we sometimes lose sight of other needs we have, which may not be a priority, but which we realise during an exercise as simple as a growth coaching wheel.

The clients I speak to realise that there are still areas of their life, which are not getting any attention in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Their current goals will for example have nothing on spirituality or contribution. There are some needs that both we and our clients completely forget about.

It is very noble to help others in difficult times, even when sometimes you don’t have enough for yourself. But what if you do have enough, you just simply forgot? “The purpose of living is giving” according to Anthony Robbins, and although he has been saying it for years, as many have before him, it is still true today.

Common benefits of giving are lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, less anxiety and depression, as well as increased self-esteem (Kitty Stafford, Adult Services at Behavioural Health Services).

The reasons to bring more giving back into your lives, and the lives of those around you are:

- The joy and happiness you feel, the rush of endorphins and oxytocin you and others can get

- The health benefit directly related to decreased levels of stress and lower blood pressure, promoting longer life

- The amazing quality of giving being contagious, and easy to pass on in conversation to your friends, family colleagues and neighbours, as well as a very good example for your children.

Don’t forget balance next. The portal Balance of Life lists the following benefits of living at a balance:

- Improve your mood

- Experience less stress

- Improve your health and wellbeing

- Be more efficient and productive

- Enjoy yourself

- Have more time for yourself

- More social life (especially now after such a long break)

Do something today, and experience this yourself, when your needs are being met more equally, bringing you closer to balance.

Difference between men, women, personalities, and cultures may be vast, but the overall need for contribution, for helping others, need to be loved and appreciated, validating ourselves and our significance among others, in addition to the benefits of living in balance, all can be added to our daily lives today. What small change today can help you, by giving more to help others?

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